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    Hello and welcome to My Addicted Mind! This website is dedicated to all of us who suffer from addictive personalities and have struggled with addiction most of our lives.


    Ok, so my sobriety date has come and gone for this year! WOO-HOO. But, I still have to remain diligent in my care. If I look to tomorrow, or even an hour from now, I can easily become discouraged and tempted to drink again. I have been in contact with my son in Ohio and truly enjoy the time we share. I can’t wait until I can see them again. It doesn’t look good for this Christmas due to finances. Bummer, but can still look forward to being with them.

Since my RN license has been reinstated, I have sent out probably 40 resume’s and job fairs without any luck so far. Oh well, all in God’s timing.


Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His

Mercy endures forever.


                                                  Psalms 118:1


Still regularly attending church and my wife and I are team leaders of the “Greetings Team, and I am actually serving as live stream operator every fourth Sunday. We are leading a life group this semester on “marital Concepts” that was developed by our pastor and we are just facilitating the group. It’s been really cool so far.  

I know now that I do not have to drink to enjoy life and this realization has been the cornerstone in my recovery.

    I would also give credit to a Program I attended in Battle Creek, MI, called “A Forever Recovery”. This 30 day program opened my eyes to my personal recovery and they utilize the “Moral Reconation Therapy”, or MRT, approach as a base for addiction recovery. It is a very unique program and touts one of the highest recovery rates in the nation. I highly recommend it - if at all possible.   

    Thanks for stopping by and email me with any questions or suggestions at: john@myaddictedmind.com   


If you think you may have an addictive personality, you probably do! Try the “Addiction Severity Index” test, just to see. The Addiction Severity Index is,

“A measurement instrument used to assess a patient's level of substance abuse or dependency”.

Addiction comes in many forms. Almost anyone with an addictive personality will form  an addictive behavior in their lifetime. However, there are healthy addictions and self destructive addictions and scholars would tell us that these addictions are the result of an “addictive personality”. People with addictive personalities cannot do anything in moderation. It has to be all or nothing!

“In short, what we seek in leaders is often the same kind of personality type that is found in addicts, whether they are dependent on gambling, alcohol, sex or drugs”.

 “Think of tech pioneers like Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison and Steven P. Jobs — is also that of the compulsive risk-taker, someone with a high degree of novelty-seeking behavior”.


http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/24/opinion/ sunday/24addicts.html?_r=0

Addiction Severity Index