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An addiction specialist is a health care provider who has been certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, or it could be a psychiatrist who is certified through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. These individuals will have an in depth background in addiction education, and as well competence aided by the requisite know-how and skills to provide screening, appraisal, treatment, and intervention for people being affected by addictions to alcohol and drugs. While addiction can involve many elements and different drugs, there's a need to seek advice from an addiction specialist throughout the treatment of addiction. More desirably, an addiction specialist is going to directly take part and oversee the individual's recovery.

An addiction specialist can mean a number of solutions, says Dr. Pohl. It could be a medical doctor specializing in addiction medicine; a licensed addiction specialist, psychologist or nurse practitioner who works in the area; or an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting if the patient will attend. Many treatment centers too offer free assessments for the possibility of drug abuse.

Addiction can entail any one or more of these substances:  alcohol, tobacco, or similar addicting drugs, along with some prescription medications. In addition, addiction specialists will usually recognize and treat the psychological and physical problems of addiction.

The principle responsibility of an addiction specialist and interventionist is to deliver guidance. Every step of this   substance dependency or alcohol intervention route needs to be thoroughly planned to achieve optimal results during an intervention. Saying that a professional interventionist's responsibility is significant is a serious understatement. Truly, he will be that vital component to finally persuade a suffering individual to give up the demons which are ruining his life.

A benefit of an addiction specialist which deserves special reference here includes where the addict is encouraged to join and be a part of a support group. These support communities give a person the emotional backing needed to get back on his or her feet. It gives the support required to face the challenges head on as well as to look for positive change. After this is done, particularly in drug and/or alcohol addiction, a person acknowledges that he or she is absolutely not alone in these struggles, using the support accessible through these communities as a motivational tool.

Another good thing about an addiction specialist is that he or she gives the person the chance to save their financial situation. The patients save their money in two different ways. One way is they stop spending all their salary on drugs or alcohol to satisfy the addiction and in the process they do not waste any more money. Secondly, in going to see an addiction specialist they'll wind up saving the huge amounts of money which would have to be depleted on looking for advanced treatment later on

Also, an addiction specialist can help by restoring sound financial management. Addiction is a very expensive business and can prove costly financially. Addicted individuals are not capable of managing their finances well because when their cravings and powerful need for drugs strike, they cave in to them. An addiction specialist helps the recovering addict to conquer his or her habit and begin making better use of his or her finances.

Yet other benefits of an addiction specialist will probably be felt in the long term.  These benefits cover the spiritual and emotional well-being of the person. Having been rescued from addiction and assisted to begin moving towards recovery and rehabilitation, the recovering addict will begin to show signs of progress in self-esteem. He or she will grow in self-confidence and be ready to return to a life that looks like the former one as much as is feasible. This helps the patient to start investing in the lives of those around them.


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