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An “addictive personality” is mostly a phrase used to describe the behavioral traits possessed by an individual which makes him, or her susceptible to any type of compulsion, be it drugs, alcohol, sex, occupation, and even exercise.

“Addictive Personality” will not be a formal, clinical label although it has been used conversationally for years. It perhaps portrays the exceedingly high comorbidity and many predisposing components behind addictions. The fundamentals of diagnosing addictive personality are really vague to a large extent. Usually, it is recognized only when an addiction to an extrinsic aspect has wholly taken over the individual.

People can grow to be addicted to an amazing array of drugs, however certain drugs appear to possess extremely strong addictive capabilities. Severe medical and/or legal complications affiliated with their exploit, can cause a dependency which is particularly tough to recover from. Some include illicit drugs such as the well-known amphetamines, cocaine, as well as opium derivatives (heroin), and others are legal like alcohol, tobacco, and prescribed sedative/hypnotics, but all may be risky.

Furthermore, an addictive personality is thought a form of impulse dysfunction in people.  These people consequently act especially impulsive and may even be the sort of person who makes sizeable purchases or to make hasty decisions. They're not likely to work appropriately with delayed enjoyment and may seem extremely edgy.

Also, an addictive personality characterizes individuals who concentrate on a chemical, action, or thing so much so that they suffer the loss of a healthy view on life and may even cause danger to themselves and other people. No matter whether a chemical like alcohol or other drugs is utilized, or even if the habit is devoid of a substance vehicle, such as gaming or stealing, there seem to be both psychological and compound factors involved.

Addictive personality indications are those series of conditions displayed by people that have a high tendency to addiction to a distinct substance (or anything else for that matter).  People with addictive personalities cannot do anything in moderation.  Addictions such as this form a part of the person, as well and the character of the individual will be directed by the substance or activity. Warning signs are not just related to substance use, but also are psychologically affecting. Addictive personality signs or symptoms furthermore consist of clinical depression, anxiety, stress, mood problems (mood swings), and can also lead to financial crisis and debt.

As such, "Addictive Personality" does not exist within the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  But, addiction by itself is most successfully treated in an inclusive program involving mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual concentration.  Many attitude patterns may cause problems, which can be addressed in personal therapy.  Twelve-step applications can also be advantageous in identifying ordinary matters that may be causing addictive behaviors.  

An addictive personality makes a person more susceptible to self-destruct and have compulsive behaviors. Individuals have become hooked on numerous kinds of things from alcohol and tobacco, to pharmaceuticals, gambling, stealing, Internet porn, exercise, skydiving, and yes - even sugar. Experts state that addiction is too complicated to link a single set of characteristics to it that cause selected activities.

An addictive personality is one of the most damaging traits to your health. People who find themselves effortlessly dependent on things, particularly food, discover it particularly challenging to let go of binge eating as well as drinking in substitution to get a healthy way of life. Regrettably, our society only worsens this activity, by having junk food as well as sugary drinks so easily accessible.

Studies have shown that people with addictive personalities regularly move in the direction of addiction to help him or her handle the stress along with troubles that they undergo in their life. Individuals who depend on chemicals for an outlet can be people that have a very harmful outlook on themselves, along with their own life.  


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