Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, can be described as a disease which is indicated by the mental, psychological, and physical need for the assimilation of a particular amount of alcohol within a specified timeframe.   Alcohol addiction isn’t anything to be made light of.  A person struggling with an addiction to alcohol will experience powerful cravings that compel the individual to drink.  Thus, alcohol addiction encompasses every aspects of one’s existence.

Studies have shown that alcohol addiction is also an allergic reaction of the body working on a physical level to keep the alcoholic a slave for the next drink, and the next.

“Alcohol addiction can also be perpetuated by hidden food allergies. Food allergies often produce cravings for the foods causing the allergy. William Philpott, MD, PhD who is Board certified in Neurology, Allergy and Psychiatry, explains the body produces endorphins or enkephalins, when stressed by an allergen. The opiate like endorphins, reduce anxiety and perpetuate the addiction”.

Though this information offers insight, the reality is that alcohol addiction is serious and can cause possibly lethal effects on a person's body. However, in spite of knowing this, far too many alcoholics are unable to stop and continue the deadly cycle of excessive drinking. This just proves how strong an addiction to alcohol really is.

Many would agree that alcohol addiction is a progressive disease, that being, if the problem isn’t dealt with, it’s only going to advance. The sooner a person realizes they have a problem with their drinking, the quicker they can and should seek assistance with it. Confronting the concern early on will make it less problematic in the long run. That said, it is never too late to tackle a drinking problem, plenty of programs are available in the community that can help struggling individuals with even the most severe addictions. Whatever level one is in throughout the alcohol addiction process, the first step to confronting the challenge is to acknowledge a problem exists, then commit to a plan of action to overcome and deal with it.

Since alcohol addiction is viewed as a more advanced form of alcohol abuse, it is typically combined with a physical component of dependence that culminates in adverse reactions when the person doesn’t consume alcohol. Persons addicted to alcohol will carry on their consumption despite the obvious consequences that if they do continue drinking, they may suffer severe outcomes within their relationships, careers, legal standings, and financial fallout as a result of their choice to keep on drinking. However, for someone struggling with alcohol addiction, these destructive properties are just another affliction of their disease.

Affecting people from all walks of life, alcohol addiction does not discriminate - rich and poor, young and old are all susceptible. When an individual realizes an alcohol addiction concern, they find that they can’t function properly without a feeling of anxiety concerning an irresistible urge to drink.

Obviously, alcohol addiction is a grave concern and one that should be dealt with as soon as possible-Ideally, the sooner, the better. Nevertheless, many people do not realize they even have an issue with alcohol until it’s in an advanced stage.  

But the good news is that help is extensively available!  It is very important to know that treatment for alcohol addiction is widely available and not only can it take place in rehabilitation facilities and treatment centers, but there are even Internet support groups available as well. However, the type and intensity of alcohol addiction treatment that will be of most benefit to you will take into account your support system, the level of the addiction, the strength of the addiction, and the determination to quit.



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