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Alcohol Addiction Facts

Often unknown to the general public, alcohol addiction facts can be quite an eye opener. Among many alcohol addiction facts in general, the fact that alcoholism is the most common addiction in the world is, in itself, a powerful concern. However, promoting general awareness of alcohol addiction facts is significant so that alcohol abusers, alcoholics, and their friends and family may gain a better picture of the wide-ranging reach of alcoholism and the resources of qualified help that is available. Below is a list of key alcohol addiction facts to know.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 1: Alcoholism is a disease-

Yes, by all accounts alcoholism meets all the criteria needed to be classified as a disease. Common misconception about alcoholism is that it is a behavior that can be modified through willpower alone but the fact is, it is a progressive disease that has no current cure and necessitates constant treatment if it is to be managed.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 2: People can die from alcohol withdrawal-

The fact is that alcohol is, in fact, the most problematic and risky substance to abstain from when dependence has gained control. 30 percent of the population struggling with advanced alcohol addiction who attempt to stop using, sans medical aid, die from the effects of withdrawal. This is a disturbing statistic and experts highly suggest that anyone attempting to stop drinking get professional assistance to safely withdraw.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 3: Underage drinking is rampant-

The fact that alcohol is illegal in the United States for anyone under the age of 21 should be enough to keep those under that age from drinking, right? Well maybe not. Alcoholism is in point of fact an extreme problem within the teenage realm. A conservative estimate shows that twenty percent of the teenage population in the United States can be characterized as “problem drinkers”. In fact, it is estimated that twenty-five percent of all alcohol consumed in the United States, is done by under-aged persons who cannot buy it legally.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 4: The dangers of alcohol consumption goes beyond health effects-

Beyond the negative health effects, alcohol is dangerous and does not limit itself just to the person drinking. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of fatal accidents in the United States involve drinking and driving. Also, the effects of alcohol is seen in 60 percent of cases involving child abuse, 21 percent of suicides, 49 percent of murders, and 52 percent of rapes.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 5: Children of alcoholics may become alcoholics-

Call it heredity or chalk it up to the environment, but one thing remains clear, “Children of those who suffer from alcohol addiction are four times more likely than others to suffer from alcohol addiction themselves”.

From the outside, these alcohol addiction facts appear very grim, and they are. But, getting the general public to become more aware of how these alcohol addiction facts play out in the bigger picture is key to making a difference in how alcohol is viewed and treated.


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