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Overcoming addiction might be the most challenging but also exciting endeavor that any addict has ever accomplished, so to ensure one gets off on the right foot, he or she will want to have the right foundation and support network in place before they start. Overcoming addiction can feel like an overwhelming task if someone is caught up in the power of the strong emotions that an addiction can bring.  Overcoming addiction and setting oneself free of unhealthy life choices is EMPOWERING! However, the road to life after addiction is not going to be an easy one. But the good thing is that it is absolutely possible. Breaking free from the chains of any type of addiction is going to take effort, although just knowing that it is possible and attainable and to believe and accept that it can happen, is a great beginning to the journey of successfully overcoming addiction.

Everyone should be aware that any form of addiction recovery is infamously known for multiple relapses. In overcoming addiction, the more a person experiences tolerance and withdrawal symptoms associated with the addiction-recovery-relapse process, the more permanent the addiction seems to become in the neuroreceptors of the brain. One will want to prepare for their journey for overcoming addiction through and away from the addiction by putting together an action plan.

Also, everyone should know that addicts are master manipulators, right? And, more often than not, even convincing pathological liars.  Some would say that addicts are normally fully aware of their dependence and that they are also aware of the impact their addiction has on others, particularly their loved ones.  On the other hand, for those who want to make a fresh start, overcoming addiction can seem like an insurmountable task. If they are aware of their lies and manipulations, it may only be to protect the ones they care about. They may feel that they have drilled the well of deception so deep that there is no coming back. They are torn and maybe even caught up in the intensity of the illusion that the addiction creates. Overcoming addiction is a journey. It is not something that is accomplished in an hour or a day, but with proper treatment and support, overcoming addiction is totally possible.

          Overcoming addiction means for people to once again regain control of their lives. They can live addiction-free and make the most of what the future has to offer. It is worth noting here that most people with histories of addiction, but who are currently in a state of sobriety, willingly state that their sober life is far better than their life while active in their addiction. It is also most noteworthy to mention that most people who know addicts in grounded, long-term recovery, regularly say that people in recovery are among the most kindest and caring people one could ever hope to be associated with.

Overcoming addiction comes down to this one thing: an individual needs to find something that they value more than whatever it is they’re addicted to.  And what they’re addicted to isn’t really the sex, or the drugs, or the rock ‘n roll, but their way of life.

Experts in the addiction field say that a source of support is most the most vital link for anyone overcoming addiction and that support can be a friend, family, a spouse or even a co-worker.  When a person is trying to better themselves at anything, they will have quicker and longer lasting results if they have someone that he or she is accountable to.  That individual or group can also offer love and comfort through the withdrawals and tumultuous peaks and valleys that a person experiences when overcoming addiction.  The best thing someone can do for a person overcoming addiction is offer their support.

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