Porn Addiction

         Porn addiction is the overindulgence or manipulation of pornographic material that leads to negative outcomes in one’s life.   The person addicted to porn cannot control the overwhelming impulse to watch porn and continues these destructive behaviors even in light of negative consequences.  Isolated from real human contact, porn addicts subsequently find themselves alone and with only their computer for company.   For the addict, pornography diminishes the actors as human beings and leads to a loss of intimacy.

         Porn addiction progresses similar to a drug addiction in that, after an earlier satisfying experience with pornography, individuals may begin to experience an overpowering compulsion to reach sexual fulfillment through that form of activity. Hence, the feedback loop between Internet porn and sexual satisfaction is positively strengthened. This in turn creates behavioral impulses that become more powerful as well as more frequent.  The links between sexual stimulation and porn addiction can escalate to a point where merely sitting down in front of a computer produces a sexual reaction.

         Just like a chemical addiction, porn addiction may transform the way a person’s brain functions by changing the regular production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Typically, attempting to stop the process of using pornography alone is seldom effective. However, porn addiction is more successfully managed by the use of medical professionals.  That said, a porn addiction for males may begin at an early age. Developmentally speaking, this is really not a good time to begin due to the fact that at this stage, the brain and cognitive functioning  is still forming a basic understanding of sexuality.

         Porn addiction can affect entire families and cause innumerable internal issues. Feeling unwanted, the non-porn-using partner may feel degraded, weak or stupid, and unable to compete with online images. They are also more likely to view their significant other as “bad” or “selfish”. They may even see themselves as living in a fantasy world. Because porn addicts are typically up late watching videos or images, they may become more irritable, and may even be likely to neglect their spouse, family, job and friends. Porn addicts typically seem more distant and not care as much about the feelings of their spouses and children. As stated, the pitfalls of porn addiction are almost always secrecy and overindulgence, but maybe not so much the porn itself. Thus, the more things left not discussed within relationships, the more likely they will affect the total sense of intimacy.

         Though used interchangeably, porn addiction and sex addiction are treated as two distinct disorders. The differences lie in that porn addicts are typically habituated to visual or virtual stimulation and not necessarily to sex itself. More often than not, a porn addict is not concerned with meeting someone to participate in sex; they only want to view it.

        In sum, porn addiction is a behavioral addiction similar to other compulsions that can see improvements with the correct form of treatment. Thus, porn addiction rehab facilities offer individuals suffering from this disease the counseling and treatment they require to break free of this dependence on pornography. The goal of porn addiction rehab programs is to assist addicts to regain balance in their lives and to aid them in understanding the destructive nature of their behavior. Not only this, but also how to manage their compulsions in a healthy manner.


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