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What is Addiction?

Honestly, what is addiction? Some would say that addiction can be defined simply as the avoidance of grief. So, what is addiction if addictive behavior evades grief? Maybe a shortcut to feeling successful, feeling happy, feeling accepted, feeling worthy? Any kind of addiction uses a transformed state of mind to mimic feeling successful in communicating and creating love through our emotions. In short, the answer to the question of “what is addiction” may just be to feel differently.

What Is Addiction? Cutting edge addiction researchers from neuroscience, psychology, genetics, philosophy, economics, and similar areas of study review the latest findings in addiction science and ponder such perplexing questions as to whether or not addiction is simply one kind of condition, or a combination of several? And, if addiction incorporates aspects of social, neurophysiological, or psychological, or social, or all of these, to what degree addicts are accountable for their problems, as well as how this affects health and regulatory policies, plus, whether addiction is determined by heredity, environment, or both.

So, with all these expert clinical associates running around trying to figure out what is addiction, others will agree that addiction is a commanding force which eats away at self-control and where an individual’s quest for an instant reward supplants community, friends, family, and everything else that is significant in their lives.  Having said that, an individual can develop addictions to a substance, behavior or even both.  However, addiction can also be identified early, prevented and treated.

What is addiction?  Addictions can routinely involve activities, such as spending money, gambling, sex, food, religion, work, and the Internet.  But addiction doesn’t stop there because there are various chemical addictions as well, such as prescription pharmaceuticals, illicit street drugs, alcohol, marijuana, caffeine and nicotine.  Also, relationship addictions are always a possibility, such as love and an addiction to people who are addicted (codependency).

 What Is Addiction?  According to many with an opinion on the matter, addiction has not remained the same over the years because of recent new trends of behavior, like that of being addicted to fast food and the advent of mindless video games. However, anyone with an addictive personality will find a way to incorporate almost anything into some type of addictive behavior.

Just what is addiction? Addiction is a “physiological dependence on something, and is both physical and psychological in nature”. When an individual is addicted they feel a compulsion, an overwhelming need to nourish that addiction continuously.

What is addiction? The formal definition, as described by The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a   "compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by ... well-defined   physiological symptoms upon withdrawal."

What is addiction? Taken to extremes, addiction is wounding to the loved ones surrounding the individual that is addicted and, is certainly damaging and can even be fatal to the person with the addiction. Commonly, what begins as a behavior that most people believe they can regulate ends up growing into a monstrous beast that consumes lives and controls all facets of their daily existence. In this never ending feeding frenzy of addiction, families are fractured, jobs are lost, possessions are sold or stolen, and people are forever transformed.


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