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Have M.A., Will Travel... (Remotely) 

White Paper Writing

When you hire me for writing your ad copy for that website project, long form or short copy for seo optimization and best possible conversion rates, you instantly benefit from my background in academia and research experience. Writing copy is not just a hobby, it is my passion! Be one of the first to have these  transferable  skills working for you and receiving creative copy that stands above the rest. Contact me today to see how my services can benefit your bottom line! 

Freelance Writing

Be head and shoulders above your competition with topics and niche specialties of your choice.  I can easily create ad copy for your blog posts and sales letters, as well as copywriting to solve challenges of commerce via white papers, case studies, and email campaigns. Why not get all the benefits from my addiction for writing and passion for learning about, and researching new areas? Contact me today!

Grant Writing

Whether you are new to the grant writing game, or just looking for temporary funding for a research project, I can help you! Regardless if you are a nonprofit, startup, or small business requiring necessary capital, I can submit the critical proposal for that needed funding and get it completed in a competent and timely manner. You can relax and be confident that the proposal was submitted correctly and before any deadline.  Call or email me today for a free and confidential quote.

Best Solutions

  1. Research
    You can sit back and relax  when you hire me to do your copywriting or grant proposal because my staff  of writers all hold degrees in at least one specialty of writing (i., e., composition, rhetoric, literature) and know from experience how important quality research is.  At My Addicted Mind, I believe solid research is crucial for any successful project.
  2. Writing Process
    You can be assured that your copy or proposal is in good hands because I view the writing process as therapeutic and a way of using language to give clear meaning to an abstract world. I believe in best practices in copywriting and grant proposals and adhere to strict legal and ethical principles. I realize that this type of integrity is critical in trust- building as I interact with the public and is not subject to change with each project or client preference. I simply do not believe in settling or compromising my standards to pad my bottom line.
  3. Professional Publishing
    Contact me today to set up a no-obligation interview and see how I can meet and exceed expectations for professionalism and results. I also believe strongly that the writing process is collaborative and depends largely on input and feedback from the both sides of the transaction.

Quality Guarantee

As mentioned previously,  my work is guaranteed and you will not be disappointed in the quality or outcome of the project at hand. Allow me the opportunity to assist you in your writing endeavor today. Thank you.
John  Wallis (Founder, President and CEO, My Addicted Mind )