My Addicted Mind
My Addicted Mind has evolved from a desire to help those with substance abuse and other addiction issues to glimpse an ancient and familiar  passion for writing. Through a brief vapor of a millennium, research I have embraced as a life wasted, is by virtue the result of a  passionate seduction and insidious transformation via an altered consciousness. It is within this epicurean paradox  and journey across Occam's razor that my senses are refreshed, assailed, assaulted, insulted, and tempted by  an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I recognize this now and how it can also be self-serving. This transformation is the catalyst and basis of the writing services you see here before you. It was during this evolutionary process, and after thirty years in a highly stressful healthcare profession, that I came to realize  that - an "addiction" is exactly that - either good or bad. An addiction can be an obsession of compulsory cognitive-behavioral changes as with learned habits through repetitive behavior and neural remapping. And, it is within the context of this term "habits" that I have come to an epiphany of understanding – an addiction doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It is this understanding that has created an alternate path for me - away from self-destructive behaviors - and given me the drive to do something worthwhile. That is,  to pursue an advanced degree, to write abundantly, and to reclaim meaning and purpose in my life. To this end,  if I can help others while pursuing this goal, that would be awesome!